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Book a smart hotel apartment at one of our properties, always equipped with kitchen and extra space. We are located in Solna, Bromma Hammarby Sjöstad and Gärdet.

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Our hotels

Stockholm from four perspectives. We offer modern apartment hotels in four strategic locations in Stockholm: Gärdet, Solna, Hammarby Sjöstad and Bromma. At Biz Apartment, our ambition is to offer you more than just a bed to sleep in. Whether you're here for a night, a week or months - we strive to make you feel at home.


Combining rich history with modern innovation, Stockholm is a hub for creativity and forward thinking. Whether you're here for business or pleasure, Stockholm offers historic buildings, world-class restaurants, a forward-thinking corporate culture and a strong startup scene.

Click our Biz Guide to see internationally recognized gems and local recommendations.

Streets of Stockholm
Streets of Stockholm
Big stairwell with a person walking down
Subway in Stockholm
Big stairwell with a person walking down
Subway in Stockholm
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Sign a flexible business agreement?

We offer custom and flexible business contracts that are tailored to the specific wishes and needs of your organisation. Get in touch here and we will contact you for a discussion and the opportunity to submit a business proposal.


We are more than four apartment hotels in Stockholm. With extensive experience in the industry, we have taken the best from living in an apartment of our own and combined it with a service from the hotel industry. Our apartment hotels are strategically located in Stockholm and ideal for longer stays. You can stay with us for a single night, weekly or months — with a lower price the longer you stay!

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Guest focus and 24/7 service

When staying at Biz Apartment, you'll notice that we strive to always deliver personalized service. What makes a home is more than four walls, a kitchen and a bed - something we've learned from years of experience. Welcome home.

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Business Traveler's first choice

We at Biz Apartment understand the needs of those who travel a lot for work. We are efficient and reliable. Details from fast Wifi to flexible booking options have been developed with a focus on business travellers.


We believe that you, as a guest, appreciate the flexibility of an apartment with the possibility of cooking, while having access to hotel service. Since the beginning, our vision has been that you as a guest will get a combination of service and a sense of home.